Shut Down NY For Sean Bell…


A week after three police officers who fatally shot 23 year-old Sean Bell were cleared of all charges, the Reverend Al Sharpton will lead a citywide “pray-in” on Wednesday (May 7) at six locations around New York City.

Along with Sean Bell‘s fiancée Nicole Paultre Bell, fellow shooting victims Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, and other community and religious leaders, Sharpton and his National Action Network will stage an act of civil disobedience tomorrow, calling upon the United States Department of Justice to intervene in the criminal trial of Sean Bell.

The demonstration, which will take place in six different locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, will gather participants to get down on their knees in prayer. Rev. Sharpton advises that all demonstrators should be prepared to go to jail to protest the acquittals of the three detectives.

“If you are not going to lock up the guilty in this town, then I guess you’ll have to lock up the innocent,” Sharpton said in a statement.


on April 25, Queens Supreme Court Judge Arthur Cooperman found detectives Michael Oliver and Gescard Isnora not guilty of first and second-degree manslaughter charges, assault and reckless endangerment, and officer Marc Cooper innocent of a single count of reckless endangerment. The verdict sparked widespread disappointment and outrage in the city among the African-American communities.

Sharpton, who has been advising the Bell family throughout the trial, hopes the acts of civil disobedience will continue until eventually a citywide dissent will be organized to shut down the entire city, later this spring.

Some reports have linked this civil disobedience act to the demonstrations that surrounded the Amadou Diallo case in 2000 – where Sharpton and others staged a 13-day protest at One Police Plaza, which eventually led to indictments. However, the Reverend points out the 50,000 protestors in the Bell case, by far exceeds any protest acts conducted during the Diallo case.


The rally for the citywide slowdown and pray-ins will begin tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the six sites listed below:

Site A: 125th Street and 3rd Avenue (led by W. Franklyn Richardson, Chairman of National Action Network)

Site B: 60th Street abd Third Avenue (Led by National Action Network senior staff)

Site C: 34th Street and Park Avenue (Led by National Action Network Senior Staff)

Site D: Varick and Houston Streets (Led by Hazel Dukes, NAACP and Labor leaders)

Site E: One Police Plaza (Led by Sharpton. Nicole Paultre Bell, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield will be at this location as well)

Site F: House of the Lord Church, Brooklyn, New York (Led by Rev. Herbert Daughtry)

NY please stand up! yall need to do this so we can stop it for good!


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Fiddy Chain Snatched In Africa?



A video recently leaked, allegedly showing 50 getting his chain stolen while performing on stage in Angola, Africa. [Watch here] The assailant apparently ran up on stage, snatched the rapper’s chain and raced away with it.

50, who was in Africa to perform a string of shows with G-Unit, jumped off the stage with his entourage following the alleged robber, leaving the show in complete chaos. At press there has been no word on whether his chain has been returned and reps for 50 were unavailable to comment.

Lmbaao(my black african ass) erryone  a gangsta till you come to africa…see the difference is most( see i dint say all) of these rappers do it for fame while we do it to survive hope my man in angola got a good ]price for that piece…hit me up i can cop it….



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Was there and its really sickenning what the mine workers/rescuers are going through…no protective gear or medicine,electricity….even food.Whats wrong with our people…we own all the resources while we get the short end of the profits stick…stroy below…thoughts?

By Njuwa Maina

MERERANI, Tanzania (Reuters) – Hopes are slim of finding 66 miners trapped in gemstone pits that flooded in northern Tanzania over the weekend, a local legislator said on Monday.

Rescue workers have said they found several bodies on Sunday in the privately-owned mine in Mererani, which was flooded on Saturday after a heavy seasonal downpour.

“We are still working to see how to rescue the bodies, because personally, I don’t think there’s hope of getting them alive,” Christopher Ole Sendeka, member of parliament for Simanjiro, told Reuters at the scene, adding that there were 66 people in the mine.

Local media said on Monday that the government banned all mining activity in the area, the only place in the world where the violet-blue gemstone tanzanite is found, until the rescue operation is completed.

A Reuters witness said the scene of the flooded mine smelled of decomposing bodies. Volunteer rescuers complained of lack of basic protective gear like face masks and gloves.

“Yesterday when we went down, we reached a place where we found dead bodies rotting and the situation down there is really bad, our stomachs were swelling because of the smell,” Samuel Chacha, a mine worker, told Reuters.

“We need help; there is no help here at all.”

Ole Sendeka said the government was doing its best to bring in equipment and seek more help from a nearby mining company, Afgem.

About 100 people stood at the scene while paramilitary officers patrolled the area.

The government on Sunday put the number of those reported missing in the mine at 59, with 35 rescued and six bodies retrieved from the pits.

Ole Sendeka said there were about 196 people originally in the pits. Local media said the discrepancy in the number of miners arose due to the fact that some miners had failed to register their names before going underground.

Manyara Regional Commissioner Henry Shekifu said President Jakaya Kikwete was due to visit the site later in the day.

Explosions and suffocation are common causes of death in Tanzania’s “wild north”, where small-scale independent miners dig remote gem fields in search of the violet-blue tanzanite, prized by jewelry-lovers in wealthy nations.

In Tanzania’s worst mining disaster, about 70 people were killed in 1998 when heavy rains caused a mine to collapse.

In 2002, at least 48 miners were suffocated when a compressor used to pump clean air into a gemstone mine malfunctioned.

(Additional reporting by Antony Njuguna in Mererani and George Obulutsa in Nairobi)

(Writing by George Obulutsa; Editing by Bryson Hull)

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No wonder they are so addictive…

The Hershey Co. is halting production of Ice Breakers Pacs in response to criticism that the mints look too much like illegal street drugs, the company’s president and chief executive officer said Thursday.

Hershey CEO David J. West disclosed the decision during a conference call about the company’s newly released fourth-quarter earnings report.

Ice Breakers Pacs, which first hit store shelves late last year, are nickel-sized dissolvable pouches with a powdered sweetener inside. The pouches come in blue or orange and bear the Ice Breakers logo.

Members of Philadelphia’s police narcotics squad said the mints closely resembled tiny heat-sealed bags used to sell powdered street drugs. They charged that the consequences could be serious if, for example, a child familiar with the mints found a package of cocaine.

“Some community and law-enforcement leaders have expressed concern” about the shape of pouch and the Xylitol sweetener inside, and about the possibility of the mints being mistaken for illegal substances, West said.

“We are sensitive to these viewpoints and thus have made the decision that we will no longer manufacture Icebreakers Pacs,” he said.

Ice Breakers Pacs currently on store shelves are expected to be sold out early this year and no more are being made, West said. Kirk Saville, a company spokesman, said they had been distributed nationally on a limited basis.

Hershey has said the mints were not intended to resemble anything.

Philadelphia police Chief Inspector William Blackburn, an outspoken critic of the mints, was in a meeting and not immediately available for comment, a spokeswoman in his office said.

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Paris Hilton Gets a get outta Jail free Card…wtf?


paris cartoon This just shows the double standards in the “most” democratic country in the world! if you are a white celebrity brat with millions chances are you will get a get out of jail free card with no hesitation! i mean they should have let lil kim out too! nawmean? if oprah got into a similar situation do you think she would had the same red carpet treatment????(then again maybe oreos dont count) Yall tell me….story below.

Hilton, 26, a symbol of privilege and the excess of American celebrity culture, was released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for Pyschological trauma or some shit like that on Thursday after serving just three full days of her original 45-day sentence.

Hilton, whose term the sheriff already had reduced to 23 days citing state sentencing guidelines, was fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet to track her movements and ordered confined to her lavish home in the Hollywood Hills house for the next 40 days.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said her “reassignment” from an 8-by-12-foot cell to house arrest was carried out after “extensive consultations” with doctors at the jail and others, including the sentencing judge.

But a court spokesman said the decision was made without the approval of Judge Michael Sauer, who later set a hearing on a request by prosecutors to send Hilton back to jail for the remainder of her sentence.

City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, whose office prosecuted Hilton for the drunken-driving case and probation violation that landed her in jail, said he was not advised of plans to release Hilton early.

Suggesting “the judicial process may have been improperly circumvented,” he sought a court order holding the sheriff’s department in contempt for violating the judge’s sentencing order, which expressly barred electronic monitoring of Hilton.

man fuck dat that bitch needs to get 45 years for violating struggling people working in the hilton hotels all over the world!

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paris hilton on lockdown!!!lol

forgive me but im i gotta laugh! i mean c’mon yall feel me? how in the hell will she survive then again if martha stewart did then she’ll be jus fine. but damn thats just something that id love to see although she will be in the special needs department id really love to see it!

any way fa all yall lazy peeps out there i got the full story from the wires below: feeel free to drop in yo 2 cents………..peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace!

Paris Hilton has reported to a Los Angeles County jail to begin a three-week stay for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

The 26-year-old heiress was booked late Sunday into the Century Regional Detention Facility in an industrial area about five miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, according to the sheriff’s inmate locator Web site.

Though a judge sentenced her to 45 days behind bars, Hilton was expected to serve only 23 days because of a state law that requires shorter sentences for good behavior.

Earlier Sunday, Hilton attended the MTV Movie Awards, where she briefly spoke to reporters about her sentence.

“I am trying to be strong right now,” Hilton said. “I’m really scared but I’m ready to face my sentence.”

The 13-year-old jail has been an all-female facility since March 2006. The two-story concrete building sits in an industrial neighborhood, beside train tracks and beneath a bustling freeway.

Hilton will be housed in the facility’s “special needs” unit.

Officers arrested Hilton in Hollywood on Sept. 7. In January, she pleaded no contest to the reckless-driving charge and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

She was pulled over by California Highway Patrol on Jan. 15. Officers informed Hilton she was driving on a suspended license and she signed a document acknowledging she was not to drive. She then was pulled over by sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 27, at which time she was charged with violating her probation.

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Missing plane turns up 48 hours later!!!

is it just me or this doesnt make sense if the thing was a few kilometers away from the take off point why get to it 48 hours later????

Kenyan officials said Tuesday that a Kenya Airways flight that crashed in Cameroon killing 114 people had taken off only 30 seconds earlier.

The crash site, in a swamp southeast of Douala airport, was only 5.42 kilometres (3.37 miles) away from the end of the runway, Kenya Airways chief pilot Captain James Ouma told a news conference in Nairobi.

“We are talking about 30 seconds, so it had just lifted off,” Ouma said.

Initial reports said the wreckage was some 20 kilometres (12 miles) southeast of Douala.

Flight KQ 507 disappeared from radar screens after midnight Friday, shortly after taking off from Douala in bad weather. Rescue teams discovered its wreckage almost 48 hours later.

Investigators on Monday recovered the data recorder from the tail of the Boeing 737-800 but have yet to find its voice recorder, containing details of conversations between the pilot and the control tower in Douala.

Kenyan officials said Tuesday that they wanted “neutral” Canada to analyse the black boxes from the Kenya Airways wreckage.

“Canada, unlike Kenya and Cameroon and also the United States where Boeing manufacturers are located, is not an interested party,” said government spokesman Alfred Mutua.

“We also do feel that European nations would not be viewed as neutral due to competition between Boeing and Airbus,” Mutua said.

Meanwhile, Kenya Airways Chairman Evanson Mwaniki said the remains of 29 passengers had been recovered Monday night.

Victim identification experts, together with equipment from Britain and elsewhere, were to arrive Wednesday to aid Cameroonian authorities with their work.

For the first time the company admitted Tuesday that it was unlikely that there were any survivors.

“It appears the aircraft broke up on impact,” Mwaniki said.

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki on Tuesday expressed his condolences to the victims’ families and announced a national day of mourning for May 14th. Nine Kenyan crew died in the disaster.

Kenya Airways flight 507 began its journey in the Ivory Coast city of Abidjan, and collected passengers on a stopover in Douala before heading for Nairobi.

The plane was carrying 105 passengers from 27 countries. Most had been planning to connect through Nairobi to other destinations outside Kenya.

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Are you a revolutionary?

Revolutionary Mentality

1. Study-Oriented: reads, evaluates and debates books, newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Accepts the challenge of education.

2. Worker: looks for ways in which to actively work for self; may hold a job outside in order to sustain self and family. Self-Reliant.

3. Organized and Systematic – efficient and diligent.

4. Progressively Collective; conscious of others; Cooperative.

5. Family Oriented: regards mate as partner in struggle; loves children. Values trust in relationships.

6. Land Conscious: realizes that the only thing that nobody is making any more of is land.

7. Disciplined: strong, unyielding and energetic.

8. Serious. Practices fair play, order and punctuality. Honest and dependable.

9. Analytical and critical.

10. Frugal: buys mainly on need basis; saves.

11. Social life is developmental and involves children.

12. Creatively Aggressive: will dare the impossible if it is possible.

13. Respects Elders.

14. Dislikes incompetence and mediocrity.

15. Fights against Black on Black crime and understands that its root is white on Black crime.

16. Loves Black art, music and literature.

17. Can give and follow instructions. Encourages experimentation and criticism.

18. Committed to Black Liberation – local, national and international.

19. Does not use drugs.

20. Politically Active. Not crisis-oriented; acts on information rather than reacts. Plans ahead for the long term; alert; prepared for change.

21. Self-Confident. Respects others regardless of race or culture.

22. Understands the economic forces that control our lives on a local, national and international level.

23. Rational in decisions and actions.

24. Rewards merit and achievement.

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R.I.P. Freaky Tah: 1972 –1999


R.I.P. Freaky Tah: 1972 –1999

Following in the footsteps of Naughty By Nature, The Lost Boyz specialized in crafting party grooves that were embraced by the ‘hood and the mainstream. The Jamaica, Queens, foursome — Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tah, Pretty Lou and DJ Spigg Nice — released their 1995 debut, Legal Drug Money, which entered at No. 6 on the Billboard charts. With Mr. Cheeks as the lead MC and Freaky Tah as the energetic adlib specialist, The Lost Boyz released an amazing six singles off their debut — “Renee,” “Music Makes Me High,” “The Yearn (Remix),” “Get Up,” “Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless” and “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimas and Benz.” Legal Drug Money quickly went gold two months after its release.

The group followed up with their sophomore album — Love, Peace & Nappiness — in 1997. The album also went gold and featured the singles, “Me & My Crazy World” and the title track. Then tragedy struck two years later on March 28, 1999. After leaving Mr. Cheek’s birthday party in Queens, Freaky Tah, then 27-years-old, was shot in the head and killed while leaving the Sheraton Hotel. The assailants were eventually caught — Kelvin Jones pleaded guilty to murder in 2001, while the getaway driver, Raheem Fletcher, was sentenced to seven years for manslaughter. The group, however, would never be the same.

Revered for his madcap adlibs (long before Young Jeezy ever touched a mic), gruff voice and energetic persona, Freaky Tah will always be the heart of The Lost Boyz. While Tah was known more as a hypeman, he did rock the mic on songs such as “1, 2, 3” off Legal Drug Money and “Get Your Hustle On” off Love, Peace & Nappiness.

Six months after Tah’s passing, the remaining members of The Lost Boyz released the lukewarm, LB IV Life. It was a solid release, but without Freaky Tah the results just weren’t the same. Mr. Cheeks, however, went on to enjoy solo success in 2001 with his album, John P. Kelly, which featured the hit single, “Lights, Camera, Action!” and the somber Tah tribute, “’Till We Meet Again.” Speaking on the eighth anniversary of Freaky Tah’s death, Mr. Cheeks reminisces with XXLMag.com about his fallen comrade and the legacy of The Lost Boyz.

Where were you when you found out about Freaky Tah’s murder?

Shit, I was dropping somebody home right after we just left the party we was all attending that night [at] the Sheraton Hotel up in 151 Street off the Conduit [in Queens]. We was at the corner store and we seen ambulances and shit going over there. We was like, “Damn, niggas wilding out already?” Come to find out it was my nigga.

What was going through your mind at the time?

I couldn’t believe somebody shot my nigga. I never thought something could happen to a nigga, ‘cause we just represented the hood and everything we stood for was Queens. I never thought that something would even go wrong, so it bugged me out. It just fucked us up.

Did you ever try to figure out the motive behind his death?

Nah, I ain’t really focus on that. But they caught the nigga and all that shit. It is what it is, man. It’s a fucked up situation. No doubt about it.

Do you ever think you could have prevented his murder?

Yeah, I think about, like, maybe we should’ve left together and all that shit. I think about all that shit. I think about it [because] before he died, he told me he loved me that night, like, “I love you, nigga.” I was like, “Damn kid, no doubt.” That shit hurt. Nigga died on my birthday—March 28. I celebrate that shit and I mourn for my nigga.

How did his passing affect the dynamic of the crew?

Tah had his team of niggas he was fucking with on his side of town. Spiggy had his team of niggas. I had my niggas. Lou had his niggas. But we were all one crew. But after Tah passed, it was like; people on his side and my side didn’t know how to communicate no more. It was different. Niggas weren’t fucking with each other, rumors were popping off and shit definitely went crazy. My nigga Spigg got locked up doing bank robberies or whatever that shit is. Niggas ain’t stay focused on what it was about. It was always about making music and keeping [our] legacy poppin’. I’m gonna still make it pop, but I’m just gonna have to bring it back to the essence for those in my camp and those outside that might’ve forgot how we do it. That nigga was a big part of that. I miss my nigga [the most] when we do shows. I’m doing “Renee” and “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimas & Benz,” and I don’t have my nigga bouncing with me.

What are some of your fondest memories of Tah?

When we were all out in Jamaica, shooting the “Love, Peace & Nappiness” video. That nigga Tahleek was wild! The entire day was crazy. We was riding on the back of that truck…the whole experience was crazy. It was the four of us just doing it. It was just bananas. I miss that nigga. That nigga was just an ill hype nigga. Sometimes I might dream that I’m talking to this nigga, and I’ll wake up like, ‘Damn, I was really buggin’.’

Did he have plans beyond The Lost Boyz?

Oh yeah, he had his groups. He [had] his crew, the 134 All-Stars. He was juggling projects he was going to put out. He was out there bumping shit for the ‘hood.

Do you feel The Lost Boyz’s legacy is often overlooked?

No doubt about it. We were trendsetters. We started a lot of things. Right now, there’s a lot of gimmicks going on. So it’s kinda crazy, but it’s good to see niggas eating ‘cause there are a lot of jobs out there for niggas right now in the music industry. It’s not like niggas is making music where niggas can learn from the shit anymore. The nigga Lil Wayne is lookin’ like me [Laughs]. I love that lil’ nigga. Certain things niggas was wearing, like white tees and all that. When we brought it to the table, it was like the labels were scared, but now everybody is doing it.

Have you kept in contact with Lou and Spigg?

Pretty Lou is straight. He’s taking care of [his] shorties right now, to tell you the truth. I guess he got his little artist that he’s fucking with [too]. [Spigg Nice and I] talk through our friends. We talk through our peoples. A lot of people think I owe niggas. There’s a lot of people I don’t fuck with no more, ‘cause my nigga is gone. I don’t feel I should fuck with certain niggas I don’t like. I been in the studio doing what I got to do, staying fully focused. And it’s like, if niggas ain’t on the same shit you trying to do with the music, you got to do what you got to do.

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 off that sohh shit is this true? i still think skateboard p is one creatie mufacka!

Seems like everybody’s jumping the Star Trak ship. Kelis and the Clipse have left the imprint, and now Slim Thug is saying he was never with them in the first place. He’s telling folks that nothing was ever official with him. He hopped on a track and when people started to tell him they wanted to hear him by himself, he nixed the agreement. He said he still might put the Star Track logo on the back of his upcoming cd though–for business deal/hook up reasons.


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