Is it really my fault? when I was young my father worked hard to get us some good things in life…though we lived in a small house in eastlands(whats considered the ghetto part of nairobi),we had a car, my siblings and i went to some of the best schools,we had good clothes on our backs.Many people considered our family rich but in actuality we were just average people living in a somewhat poor neighborhood.As a result I got hated on by my peers and others.They called me barbie( kenyans use this tern to describe you as a rich punk!…lol!) and often i ended up being descriminated.in school it was kinda the same i was a young “ghetto boy” in a school with the vice presidents son!!! so yes most of the kids there were really well off and they hated the fact that i was in the same school as them. so some used to tease me others wanted to know how my life is coz they thought pple from that side of town are thugz and its cool to be a thug! they thought I could get them cigarettes and such but in reality I wasnt on that shit then(im in now but thats another story).so there i was a youngn who dint belong on both worlds…was it really my fault?

Then dad died and there was no man in the house! thats when shit hit the fan! the income became limited as my mum had a civil servant job that paid  meagar wage and so our lifestyle went a little down(all the haters finally got their wish!) dad wasnt foolish though he had invested in real estate so my mum had no choice but to sell one of the two houses to keep us in good schools!

fast fwd and i enter high school,i went to another high level skull but now i decided not to let pple put me down…as an adolescent in boarding i learnt the hard way about sex,alcohol and drugz. thanx to my mothers raising i did not overinduldge coz at the end of the day i realised i was the man of my family and i couldnt depend on no one!(none of you bitches came home to see how we were leaving after my beloved father died,not even once!)so i had fun and tried getting good grades around the same time my mother and sister went to the states in search of greener pastures.

i was rapping on the side as i love music, its in my blood! since i went to good skulls i rapped in english and pple hated on me sayin that im a wanna be!!! muthafuckas make me understand why that is so bad!i mean english is one of our national languages but its not o.k for me to spit in it???so really tell me is it my fault that i can rap in good english? do ya’ll want me to rap in the latest sheng and spit about the same things that you pple do?

faster fwd! i went to the states for a year or so and then i got caught in the middle again! got my self in situations where i was called an oreo(black on the outside and white in the inside) by my own black folk!!! to them i shouldnt talk with an accent( coz im african) shouldnt get a job (coz im an immigrant) fuck it they thought i shouldnt fuck white bitches (coz im a sell out if i did)!!! other ignorant pple kept asking the usual dumb questions like what ship comes from africa to the states( pussies we got air ports and planes ),do we llive on trees?(ass holes we got beautiful houses made of stone unlike your cardboard box apartments) and how i learnt english(i think i answered that already!) so once again is it my fault that im african and learned?

but to survive there you need to talk like these pple, i mean i went to mc’ dees and once i wanted a take away(you know give me the food i go with it!) they couldnt understand and once i explaind it to them by sign language(so whos dumb here?) they said,”ohhh! you mean to go!”. they dont have paper bags they have plastic bags they dont have garbage they got trash! they dont say i dont have they say i aint got!! these are terms i had to learn fast and being the quick guy that i am i managed to get it right but once again my fellow kenyans started saying that he hangs  out with akatas(Black Americans) he is not proud to be kenyan and such bullshit! i mean am i to blame because i can adapt to my surroundings? should i just shrub(bet you will laugh @ me once again ) like yall and have trouble communicating and getting the best experiences while i lived?

Shit happenedand i had to go home to get a real career(not wiping old white pples butts! no more 5.50 bucks an hour ).I cant front i learned alot over there…so naturally i wasnt the same ol’ naive lil nigga as before.Dudes i was tite with i din’t see eye to eye with anymore! Wildin out ? I cant do that shit no more.I became a responsible cat and i couldnt deal with slackness.So since now i see more than blunts and beer,more than sluts and chillin out doin nunn( kukabaa) can you blame me? they say im a wanna be when i walk with a swagger they hate on me when i go to school and some hate on me for being in the same school that they are in!

 So really im I to blame?

No! but to all these people i do wrong things! fuck all yall for not allowing a person to grow ! yall dint like me then you dont like me now and shit yall will never love  me for who I will ever be. So just leave me alone.

Can you blame me for being me?


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So I Bounced….

Yeah its one of those days, Woke up late with a hangover and a killer cold that just messes me up! so far ive been having a fucked up streak for a minute: Broke,the internship is a bitch and i’ve been having issues with my boy! see ivé been down with this cat since fall in 95’when a nigga was 10 y.old ! I got son on to the game and we started writing rhymes and shit performing in F2000(thats Florida 2000) the club that made the kenyan industry(if infact there is one).Over the years we got tight and we held the rap game down as the rap bstbut all this was short lived and its but after a while shit got  stagnant and he wasnt hungry anymore(@least thats what i thought!) so i decided to keep on the grind as i started messing around with other hip hoppers just tryn further the cause…after afew workings with Kap 10 Mau Mau poqupine and others i landed a recording with Ksouth as they were doing they first album.Sooni learned that pple put u out there to fail but i kept my head up and continued grindin.Later i bumped into wyre some cat who was just gettin into production and he made it clear that he felt what i was tryn 2 do with the rap game so he laced me…i got my 1st single as a result and though i still think it was ahead of its time it really dint get that much recognition with the 3 local radio stations that wasnt ready…All this while son was out the radar and i was concentrating in highschool and my music so we really dint mess with each other that much but we was still cool.fast fwd and i had a chance to go to the states and visit for a while where i met other like minded cats who gave me the morale i needed to continue in my hustle to rep in the hip hop game.After a few run ins with the law and my family i decided to come back get higher education and make my mark in the local scene.once i got back it was on! i jumped into the studio and started recording my shit! first i messed with riz-eye where i did some trax but without creative control my mind wasnt really@ ease in his well equipped studio.so me beein who im iz i did what i always do when im in one of those shituations….I bounced.

I then got a djying scholarship @ the homeboyz dj academy and since i love my music i took it and put my heart into it! while there, they was settin up a studio and they knew that i spit shit so they asked me to go drop a free or someshit…damn i got the fever when i spat them 16’s and i knew i could never shake it off…but once again opportunity and comfortability was an issue there so i learned what i came to and i took it elsewhere with me.

Rhight about then my boy hooked up with mau mau who got with some dutch guys to do an album called kilio cha haki,my nigga told me to get on but i was caught up in school and my mind wasnt right so i skipped possibly missing one of the best collabo projects in kenyan hip hop! they had a launch and they asked me to dj with my new found skill.it then hit me again while these catsthat i have known from back in the day were making music i was just playin it then the itch came back to me! this time i swore i had to prove that im not out the game and though rusty i could still lay it down if not better!

then i met a guy in school called rob thru lord sheree and he offered me studio time and beats…i listened to one track while at next level studios and i knew tnhhat that was the shit .i had been writing rhymes like a problem and my rhyme book was in pieces with food stains beer and marijuana seeds.That nite tha rhyme was born and so was the new diehard i spat kinda like nas on rhyme book as was just lettin loose on the mic with lyrics that had filled my book. but once again(i know it s too many times!) shit dint just work i kinda like felt i needed someone to push me as i just spat my heart out coz to my understanding i was in a label without signing shi(i have a phobia 4 signing btw!) what followed was lord sheree getting more pushed than i was! i mean dude did like 3 videos when i had coming soon outro on one of his(the rhyme coming soon clip) after a freestyle session that was fucked up on tha joint(Mwafrikas show) i kinda did it again….i bounced! this time my nigga and some guy from my hood(Fallujah jericho btw!) had an agreement where damu was the the producer (although he wasnt well polished from his kilio stint) and opon(the hood nigga) put up a studio! i was excited thinkin that finally i could work with niggaz from my hood so all would be gravy but shock on me! things started out fine as we used to get drunk and smoked up as we recorded happy songs almost everyday….we even revived the group name d.r.u.g.z(Da rugged unda ground zoo) a name i came up with! i used to try and make videos with a camcorder that i bought while back in the states but all was short lived as one day some stupid ass nigga stole it!!! i was pissed we was tryna build something and yet these muthafuckas were destroyin it! i mean if u can throw it over a camcorder then if u was offered a million bucks to kill me then a nigga would! one thing i demand is loyalty and i wouldnt deal with snitch niggaz so i did it agai…i bounced!

i met a guy called Krave who offered his studio and i needed it to let off! so i got on and did my thing recorded like a handful of trax and collabos but after a while him and his partner,spot,started having issues i was caught in the middleso iwasnt feelin it!

damu and the dutch chick(kilio cha haki) got funding for a studio and it kicked off so i…bounced!(to that studio:ragz to records!) finally settled (or @ least ithought!) i started recording there but something was missing! the hunger that i had was not present in all the other drugz cats … with no support from the studio a rift kinda appeard and it wasnt easy to shake off! i kinda felt that i was forcing the idea of drugz recording there and just last month whenhe decided to move out i kinda flipped and said i dont need that studio as it was kinda uncomfortable for me to be there…. so i bounced…since then i have never recorded a song there infact b4 i left i recorded a song called “they!”(which has never been mixed)and i dont even have a copy.

i really want to work with drugz but after 10 years in the game ive noticed that i need to be the boss,dont get me wrong i will work with them if they are interested but i aint pushin for it like b4! i talked to my cuzn wawesh and he wants us to start our thing sometime next year this time im confident that its my time..no one stoppin me now….like i said in tha rhyme….”Ïm solo son fuck a crew!” one man army…so i have bounced!

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