Its going down…nitty Vs. Young Joc?

nitti Not that it matters anyway,but this duo is on the rocks! word is Nitti aint working with joc coz of diddy’s bullshit…thank God no more crap coming out…I know… you see it…! lol!

In nitti’s own words:

“I have no plans to work with Yung Joc anymore whatsoever,” he laments. “He do what he do and I do what I do. When you deal with people who call themselves CEO’s and they put the business between the artist and the producer, it messes up the chemistry. When a record makes a lot of money, people who don’t even have nothing to do with the record get to playing tug of war. It’s one of those situations where it gets sticky. It wasn’t my intention to have it go down like that because I broke the dude, but it goes down like that sometimes. That’s the game.” Nitti.



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I’m calling for all Kenyans and all other Africans matter of fact everybody with a brain to “BOYCOTT McDONALD’s” WorldWide! Some really good reasons why you should:

(1) There is fecal matter in every burger. Fecal also called shit, dukki, crap, it’s all the same. Do your research you eat it every-time you buy a burger at McDonald’s.

(2) There is steroids in the meat. Steroids is one of the major causes of deadly cancer you see in America all the time. Same with their chicken the so called meat the McChicken sandwich and McNuggets. What is a Nugget in McDonald’s terms anyway? It scares me to really find that answer.

(3) You are supporting Apartheid in the Middle East. McDonald’s was a major money supporter of the Apartheid movement in South Africa the whole time it was going on. Now the Apartheid between Israel and Palestine has a huge restaurant supporter for the Israelis and that is McDonald’s. They condone murder so, you buy McDonald’s you fund a murdering organization.

(4) They also support the American dictatorship in Iraq. Hoping when things settle down to open as many McDonald’s restaurants throughout Iraq. That is as sick as it can get.

(5) Not to mention the out right corporate racism seen around the world at all level’s of employment within McDonald’s. It is off the charts.

Should I really have to say anymore?

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Kardinal Konvicted By Akon.

After several years as a free agent, Kardinal Offishall has signed with Akon’s Konvict Music.

Last year word surfaced that Akon was looking to add the Toronto, Canada based emcee to his Konvict imprint. After lengthy negotiations, Kardi has finally signed with the popular crooner.

“Kardi, is one of the most original acts I’ve laid my eyes on. He always had his own style and sound regardless of the changes that the music business has been going through,” Akon said regarding the signing. “He reminds me so much of myself with his work habits and his talent is self-explanatory! He’s definitely someone to be reckoned with in today’s music future.”

Jay-Z also offered to sign Kardi to Roc La Familia following the emcee’s impressive performance at Toronto’s popular Carribana festival several years back. Kardi was previously signed to MCA Records where he dropped his international debut, Quest For Fire: Fire Starter Vol.1 back in 2001.

Kardinal is deserves this so much dude is talented and yet so underrated…its high time he gets that push he deserves

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